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INSPIRATION What would happen if companies were to manage wellbeing as carefully as they manage finances?

Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, President, Virgin Mobile Polska, CEO, VMCEE BV

  • Employee limited is an employee discouraged
  • Recognition is a must
  • Invest not only in machine park, humans have more value and potential

From purchasers to administration directors – manage procurement processes effectively and become a business guru!

Strategic direction of procurement function in the context of its transformation over the past years- practical recommendations, not only for procurement experts.

Wojciech Marchwicki Wojciech Marchwicki, Chief Procurement Officer, ING BANK ŚLĄSKI

  • Evolution of procurement function over the past years- case study of the bank
  • Current strategic priorities- establish, employ, gain!
  • Procurement in the future – place and role in the company`s ecosystem- get ready today!

Procurement – The devil is not so black as he is painted! Analysis of procurement processes- hidden potential, added value.

Agata Kulikowska Agata Kulikowska, Lead Purchasing Specialist, TAURON POLSKA ENERGIA

  • Case study: When it turns out we purchase too expensively
  • Process savings – where to look for them?
  • Added value: procurement initiatives as a motivating factor for employees

Procurement as the key to success in the process of modernization and management of an office

Marcin Dyński Marcin Dyński, Head of Business Support Procurement Department, UNIQA TOWARZYSTWO UBEZPIECZEŃ

  • Modernization of office space according to the best market practices
  • Tender based on assumptions of sport competitions- gamification as a chance to obtain the best offers
  • Optimization of efforts and usage of team support – or the art of management of ready space

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New faces of optimization

Bartosz Barylski Bartosz Barylski, Head of Workplace Management Poland & Estonia, NORDEA BANK ABP

Dominika Zielińska Dominika Zielińska, Managing Partner, Head of Architecture, WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS

Three powers of administrator to optimise office expenses – how to activate them and retain them for a longer period of time?

Edyta Serafin Edyta Serafin, Director of Administration and Back Office Processes, GRUPA ONET-RAS

  • Power of Saving. Where to search for optimization when the relocation costs largely exceed your estimated budget
  • Power of Knowledge. Taking over developers` supervision over the new building– advantages and disadvantages of various models of cooperation
  • Power of Choice. Different location vs. office space – what should you pay attention to?

Discussion summing up the optimization section

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How to familiarize change? – communication in the process of creation of the new office

Ewa Bodio-Ziółkowska Ewa Bodio-Ziółkowska, Head of Administration, VOLKSWAGEN

  • When to communicate- action plan – three phases
  • To whom address the communication- who is your addressee?
  • What to communicate- hard vs. soft emotions
  • How to communicate – examples of tools used
  • Lessons learned: next time I will do this way …

Modern outlook on the organization of work- how to introduce Agile Working in the least painful way possible

Aleksandra Gleń Aleksandra Gleń, Workplace Manager, AXA XL

  • Flexible space- temporary fashion or a sing of our times?
  • Manner of project implementation- how to achieve indisputable success and win support for the change
  • Agile work environment- package of advantages for the organization

How the change of office can be a source positive experiences among employees

Aleksander Szybilski Aleksander Szybilski, Associate Director, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD

  • Evolution of workplace past vs. present
  • Trends shaping the office space
  • Case study: spaces that support company`s goals

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Workshop title will be provided soon

Can the strife to be happy at work make us unhappy?

Speaker to be confirmed soon

Day 2 March 5, Thursday

INSPIRATION! What would happen if companies were to manage wellbeing as carefully as they manage finances?

Liza Shybanova Liza Shybanova, BU HR Manager Poland & Baltics, COCA COLA HELLENIC BOTTLING COMPANY

  • Our iceberg is melting – dreaming big & creating new culture for future growth
  • How to create feelings of belongings thru change ambassadors
  • Forward looking & creating irresistible place to work via growth mindset culture implementation


Man in the centre- how workplace changes may influence the development of organizations

Karolina Dudek Karolina Dudek, Workplace Strategy Manager, BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE POLAND, President of, Polish Workplace Institute, Associate Professor, LEON KOŹMIŃSKI ACADEMY

  • Excess, identity, knowledge- specific challenges of organization in Poland
  • Search for universal rules of a good workplace
  • Evolution of office space in Poland

Advantages of investment in security and work hygiene

Adam Rogalewski Adam Rogalewski, Head of International Department of, The All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions

Workplace as a strategic asset

Małgorzata Niewińska Małgorzata Niewińska, Head of Workplace Strategy & Change Management, CBRE

  • Modern workplace – operational or strategic project?
  • Influence of including the aspect of flexibility into the long term business strategy on decisions concerning organizational changes
  • How property decisions can support long term strategic ambitions

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Ecology is not fashion- discover the missing element of balance of an organization

A move in the right direction – About building pro-ecological awareness among employees

Damian Łuczkowski Damian Łuczkowski, Country IKEA for Business Leader, IKEA

100% zero waste? – it is possible! How ecological balance influences the balance of the organization itself

Gabriela Suner Gabriela Suner, Global Workplace Solutions, DELL EMEA ACCOUNT

Building friendly workplace in accordance with environmental laws and ecological trends

Agata Szczotka- Sarna Agata Szczotka- Sarna, CSR i Ecological Education Advisor, INTERSEROH

  • You cannot escape that – chosen legal acts in matters of environment protection
  • Eco trend – a beautiful dream or real chance for optimization?
  • Work without waste: of natural resources, time, health, talent- idea of a Zero Waste office


Happy employee – tangible or unattainable goal

Anna Dudzińska Anna Dudzińska, Regional Head of HR CEE, VELUX

  • Wellbeing embedded in the company`s culture
  • Taking care of wellbeing of employees without much financial effort? It is possible!
  • Ergonomics at the office- are you up to date with the trends?

Well-being of employees : striving for health, engagement and effectiveness

Katarzyna Mierzejewska Katarzyna Mierzejewska, Head of People & Culture, CODEWISE

  • Wellbeing in the context of 5 key elements that guarantee the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment ( sense, relations, community, physical health)
  • Influence of employees on wellbeing solutions and vice versa
  • Case study: best offices in Poland!

Well IQ – from human being to human doing

Barbara Wawrzynek Barbara Wawrzynek, EMEA Wellbeing Consultant

  • System thinking about people in the organization
  • Wellbeing as a strategic obligation of the company
  • ROI vs. VOI – what are the advantages of implementing wellbeing
  • Challenges– how to overcome difficulties on your path to building wellbeing experience

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Implementing flexible work forms

Katarzyna Kozieł Katarzyna Kozieł, Head of Administration Team, LINK4 TU

  • Advantages and disadvantages of flexible work forms
  • Effective management of dispersed teams
  • Flexible work form vs. work law – what you need to remember

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